Upgrades (UCS)

About the project


Upgrades, Cuts & Social Media (UCS) is a hybrid photographic series created by Austrian based conceptual fine art photographer Andreas J. Stone.

It contains 378 limited NFTs; 18 unique GIFs in an edition of 21 numbered copies; each with a different animation pattern.

UCS is Andy’s creative response to the world of social media, where fiction becomes reality and reality becomes fiction. A world, where people upgrade themselves to fit in, to get recognised and the pain, they feel, when their attempts fail.

Cuts (UCS)

About the artist

Andreas J. Stone is Austrian based conceptual fine art photographer.

From 2010 to 2012 he studied at the college of “photography and audiovisual media” at “Die Graphische” in Vienna to extend his self-taught knowledge and to break his initial creative barriers. Andy Stone Photo was born.

Path to passion

Andy’s deep love for photography has ever been growing. His aspiration and his never-ending perfectionism have been his driving forces. First national awards and international recognition encouraged Andy to continue his path which led him to a fork. Unsure where to go next, his journey came to a halt.

While there are encounters in life we cannot explain at the time, it was one of those personal experiences that has inspired Andy’s new style of photography: More intimate, more fragile, more human, and more emotional, he created his own back & white Conceptual Fine Art Photography.

Crypto art

In 2021, Andy decided to explore the world of crypto currencies and with it the NFT (non-fungible token) art market.

His first collection “Upgrades, Cuts & Social Media”, is an animated digital art project. Although initially not planned as NFT art, it perfectly fits into this emerging space/into this developing space.

Social Media (UCS)

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