“To work with a camera as a photographer, is like working with hammer and chisel as a sculptor. They are tools, which are used by the artist, to convert his imaginary artwork into reality.”

Andy’s Conceptual Fine Art Photography was founded with the series “the color in black & white”. Here, Andy utilised the effect of “selective colors” to expand his Portrait Photography by another aesthetic and creative dimension. This series marks the starting point of his artistic work. Yet, very soon he realized simple, aesthetic photography was not enough to express his ideas and thoughts.

He educated himself in the theories of photography and art history to broaden his horizon and to break old habits. He explored new pathways and created new art concepts for his work.

At his stage of his creative journey, Andreas J. Stone suffered from a personal experience,

which had a major impact on his creative work and gave his art a new direction.  

Creating emotions became the focal point of his photographies. The viewer is no longer a bystander but becomes an active part by being invited to share their emotions.

New series like “love & rejection” were born, where Andy played with ambiguous glances, soft facial expressions, and little gestures. He augmented his images by a text layer creating a new context for the experienced emotions. He intends to elucidate feelings without exposing them. Thereby, he provides infinite space for the viewer to rediscover their feelings, to explore and relive them.

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