My Philosophy

The Special Moment

“Working as a Photographer is not an ordinary job, it’s a creative process with a lot of passion, that changes the way you think each time. At least for me.”

In my Headshot- or Portrait Photography, the focus lies on the person in front of the camera and not the photographer. Only in this way, it’s possible to perceive all facets of the person and make an authentic image in the end. People – the focus of my work.
The Studio helps me to create a calm and pleasant atmosphere, so that the client can fully concentrate on himself. I want to show the very best and most authentic version of the character in front of the camera. Every special moment, a recording of time – the result: many little masterpieces.

About Artists and Headshots

In my professional and also private life, i met a lot of creative people, who are often artistically active too. Actors/actresses, musicians, writers and all the other artists – they all gave more than one hundred percent for their dreams and their passion.
Many of these artists need images on a regular base, to use them for agencies for example or their sedcards. Inspired by talks with friends, an idea was born, to make my photographic skills available for those people. At this juncture, thank you so much my dear companions.

Focus on the People

A preliminary talk before the photoshoot give us the opportunity to collect ideas, align our expectations and to see if we have the same wavelength. This meeting without camera is most essential, not just for you and me, but also for the best output possible.

During the shooting I entirely focus on your requests and wishes, but in the same time I stay true my style. Time is not relevant, the only thing I really care about is the final product – your photos. But there is another factor that is most important to the final product and should never be missing – FUN. Born in Vienna “Wiener Blut” run through my veins and so the Viennese sense of humor “Wiener Schmäh” is also a big part of my personality – so fun is always part of the process, without losing sight of our goal.

After the photo session I professionally retouch all the final images. Even in post-production, the most important part for me is to show you as you really are. So some of these tiny wrinkles, the mischievous smile or a unique glance stay where they belong to – in the image. These idiosyncrasies make your images unique. In my Headshots I try portray the real person, not some sort of mask.

Last but not least: My Headshots are not only for Artists, but for everyone who want to have an authentic, beautiful image of him- or herself.

Andy Stone • Andreas J. Stone • Andy Stone Photo

About Artists and Photographers

“To create expressive images, you must be willing to reveal a part of yourself – not just in front, but also behind the camera.”

The interaction between artist and photographer is always unique.
When somebody asks me, what defines me as a photographer, empathy, love, creativity, knowledge, experience as well as curiosity is my answer:
My empathy to the person in front of my camera,
my love of detail – the expression, the position of the hands in my photos,
my creativity always to work differently with the people in my studio,
my knowledge and my experience in photography and the technical aspects of it,
and my curiosity always to go one step further and learn new things, as well as my curiosity about the person who is sitting towards me.

When somebody asks me, what defines me a person, I will answer the same six aspects, because photography is my life.

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